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Thursday, October 27, 2005 


Why the title of this blog sucks

Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

I'll boycott this damn blog cuz the title sucks illuminati cock now and forever more. Northcom took a shit and made this blog. I appreciate all the hard work you've put into making sure this pile of fetid diarhea steams at the right temperature.

King Arthur and his bone behind your back knights want to intellectually jerk off into the holy grail for the scottish rite masons. that's the whole point of this thing, i already know some things i know i shouldn't know before i'm even cognizant.

I've been finding more and more, these days, that if people can disagree and not like something, they just may very will do so.

Most of the people don't like the Roundtable part of the name. I don't like the Strays part of the name.

Does that mean screw it and come up with something else? Does it mean accept it and see what comes? Or does it mean come up with something totally new?

Personally, I don't really care. The name doesn't matter so much to me as does the substance of the Blog.

But I guess there's the branding to take into account. If we brand it wrong, we'll attract people who aren't necessarily interested in discussing, won't contribute or will just talk crap. If we brand it right, we'll get some good people who know the idea behind the Blog and probably get involved.

So, I guess the idea of coming up with the name is to come up with a name that we can identify with and that will also attract people that will get involved.

I have proven my lack of caring a somewhat bad thing to do in this case. Nonetheless, I still don't really care too too much about the name.

Go figure.

I looked in the thesaurus for another word that could stand in for round table. The only words or phrases that came close to what I'm getting for what people don't like about Round Table is something like "rap session" or "buzz session," but those just sound, ummmmmmmmm. . .way too cheesy and poked fun at way too much in the past.

Alright then, what title should it be then, Miahman?

Blah fuckin' blah. Miah couldn't leave a welt on a dog's ass even if he sharpened that big ol' mean stick o' his. Fact is, th' CIA done got their number so far up his he's stinkin' "informant" somethin' fierce. Don't let no damn squealer monkey ruin this here gobblefest lest he be partakin' o' my fudge tunnel o' fun.



You know, I never boycotted "The Bedroom Boys" just because they had a bad name. In fact, I liked their music - what I heard of it.

"Sessions with Strays" has something to it.

you do know that we COULD argue about this forever if we really wanted to...

How long're we supposed to discuss a topic before we move onto another one?

dude - u can suggest a topic too - I gave everyone posting rights.

I had thought we thought one topic a week would work good.

Conventions of etiquette can work good. Remember your fear of things getting out of control?

Personally, I like Shaw's name for the blog. Blogs are, after all, required by law to have stupid names -- d'ya think the "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo" people had a debate when they chose the name? Fuck no, they just slapped it up.

Of course, my blog's title is a half-assed pun on the name of a prefab outhouse, so take my opinion with one or several grains of salt as applicable.

Maybe we should call it "Fuse of Ire."

PS: No conventions, no rules, no etiquette. It's a cage match grudge match leather orgy, bitches.

for fuxx sake people, can't we have a ma-fuckin-ture discussion of importan things like the brand label of this piece of shit blog can have so i can boycott it.

I boycott roundtable cuz I hate King Arthur and all Saxon supremacist Rhodes scholars cuz they hung my gypsie great aunt.

I boycott strays because being the proprieter of a paper crane orphanage and organ donor warehouse, I don't like the idea of things running about untidy and free where their organs may lose market value.

the global economy is too importan to have this blog no named something we can all disagree on so i can fina-fuckin-ly get around to boycott it.

oh yeah, and you pgp my ingrown toenails of liberty, helioshamash, or whatever fucking A-rab middle eastern type fucknut you are. I'm so anti-con the con contracted a bad case of symphony in bach bible code babelfish transmissions so I can finally get round to bonin Valerie Plame and ride in my private jet out of Mena with 5 tons of crack.

Having such a moral compass, of course I must stick my long sported woody nose above such petty conflicts.

Why don't we destroy all names! That way, no can boycott on the basis of the name. . .even though I guess they could boycott us for not having a name.

Ah. . .crap. . .someone will eventually just boycott us, so why don't we just do whatever with the name?

So is that it? We're working to boycott status?

Yeah, lets boycott status!


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