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Sunday, November 20, 2005 

Best and worst thanksgiving memory...

Worst Thanksgiving Memory for me: My ma cooking a turkey and almost setting the microwave on fire in doing so.

That and the time she didn't take out the microwave probe and I ended up chewing on it "What is this crunchy thing in the turkey?"

Best Thanksgiving memory: When me and my family WENT OUT FOR DINNER.

What's your best/worst Thanksgiving memory?
Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

Okay... get ready...

My worst T'giving memory is of a holiday spent at my grandparents' house in Texas during a ferocious thunderstorm that had knocked out the power. My grandmother's mind was beginning to go, so all the food was pretty yucky -- too much salt, mostly. My aunt brought over her then-boyfriend -- a convicted child molester (seriously) -- and we all attempted to make polite, totally-not-awkward small talk while warming bites of painfully salty food over candle flames. Through it all, my grandfather -- who'd suffered ten strokes by that time -- stared at us vacantly and drooled on himself.

That was 1991 or '92, I think.

Thanksgiving two years ago. I'd finally had enough and I left my wife of a year and a half. We had plans to do something with her dad but I didn't want to go, especially after my "announcement"...so he picked her up and I sat alone in our apartment for a few minutes. I hadn't eaten all day so I ended up at Charlie's on Capitol Hill 'cause they never close and they had what I wanted. Eggs Benedict with home fries and two dry martinis.

I'm not sure 'bout th' best or th' worst but it qualifies as th' most surreal.

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