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Friday, November 25, 2005 

Conversation Starter No. 1362 1/2

Pat Morita died today, and all CNN could come up with was his role in the Karate Kid (later, they half-redeemed themselves by changing the headline to "Happy Days and Karate Kid star Pat Morita dies," but too little too late, if you know what I mean...)

Anyway -- got me wondering about the way this would translate to even the lesser-famed ones such as ourselves.

When you die, what embarrassingly successful-slash-well-known yet entirely unrespectful venture of YOURS do you fear will end up in YOUR obit headline? True stories only, please...
Entry By boyhowdy

I have too many embarrassing ventures that too many folks remind me about all the time - and I'm not even dead yet!

You know how Microsoft Word used to (and maybe still does) have that 'auto summarize' feature? I worry that life's like that. And when I get to a metaphorical heaven, the metaphorical Saint Peter at the gate will flip to my name in some big gold book and read aloud,

"Let's go to the sea. I like champagne! And the leprechaun says to the other leprechaun, 'that settles it, lad.' Love you! So, yeah, I've been working on a novel. Mind if I finish these leftovers? The moral The Divine Comedy is ro be yourself. Hey, what do these wires do?" And then he'll say. "Typical. Next!"

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