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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

I've got a fever of a hundred and three

Actually, it's just 102. But do they write songs about 102 fevers? No. They do not.

I keep having dreams about the New York Times Sunday Vows section (something I've never been a regular reader of, nor does it weigh heavily on my conscious mind). I also had a dream wherein I had super powers. My powers were prophecy (but all my prophecies were things like I'm gonna sleep another hour) and the ability to ride a special city bus just for sick people. It went to a pool hall, but it was closed.

If you had super powers, what would they be?
Entry By Nora


I'd be Bob Geldolf.

He's got the ultra-cool power to reunite ultra-cool bands :)

If I could choose my superpower, I'd have the power of the instant replay, AKA "rewind" -- the ability to jump the entire universe backwards in time for, say, 13 seconds. (while reserving, for myself and myself alone the ability to remember what happened the first time that time frame occured.)

Think about it. Subtle, powerful, and -- like all great superpowers -- with a built-in limitation to keep the soul honest.

I've always loved this question, because I love my answer.

why, Flexibility and Malleability like Plastic Man, of course.

Off the top of my head: The super power to negate the super powers of the people within a certain radius of myself.

Since much of my seeming powerlessness is due to the haphazard way I apply powers I actually already possess, maybe super powers wouldn't be a great idea for me.

BTW, how's the fever? do any of your chickens and parakeets appear to be under the weather?

Aaaahhhhhh.....THE BIRDS!

My (entirely imaginary) parakeets are fine. I am starting to regreet having work done at 'Discount Chickens 'n' Tattoos' though.

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