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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 

Link-o-rama of the day...

Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

Hmm. I THOUGHT those online guysw didn't SOUND like Statler and Waldorf.

That said: Steve Whitmeyer -- the guy who replaced JH as Kermit after Henson passed on -- never sounded like Kermit to me, either.

I guess I'm of several minds, here: one is that, if the original vision includes the idea that each muppet was given life by its creator, then I believe Muppets should DIE when their creators die. We might call this the "Mr. Hooper" model.

But I also believe that once you sell the Muppets to Disney -- a place where anyone can be Mickey for a day, and where indeed Goofy is peopled in shifts daily in theme parks around the world -- you have neither reason nor justified complaint when Disney turns Muppets into similar commodities.

Combine these two, and you get my full response to this link:

"tell the muppets holding company that you don't want substitute muppets" my ass. They're not going to listen to YOU; they already HIRE substitute Muppets, and you think it's just fine. The Muppets are dead; long live the Muppets!

Face it, Shaw: this petition comes several years past the true turning point; too little, too late. To raise hue and cry now is to only betray one's ignorance about when things went all wrong.

As for me, I finished crying for the loss of the Muppet souls when Sesame Street turned away from the street.


I'd advise others to do the same.

- proud owner of 30 3-episode Muppet Show videos from the Time Life series -- we have no TV reception by choice, and two small children, and thus it's practically all we ever watch. Thank the lord for the immortality of televison programming; with its assistance, the True Muppets can live forever.

Ah, maybe you're right. The sad fact is that we're seeing is the Disney way of marketing a commodity.

Should Muppets die when their creators die? Well yes, Kermit lived on, but Scooter didn't when Richard Hunt died in 1992 (?!)

At least, if anything, people still give a damn about the Muppet characters. Let's face it: when was the last time you saw a petition concerning Mickey Mouse?

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