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Saturday, November 26, 2005 

Most Unusual Travel Experience

I have plenty of 'em, but the weirdest one was being on a red-eye flight from Seattle to Georgia. I was in the middle section, the movie was some Ben Afflack/Sam Jackson vehicle. This girl next to me fell asleep on my shoulder.

Her husband was not amused.

So, I sat for about four hours with a girl on my shoulder in fear of my life of the husband next to me. I didn't move. I kissed the ground when I was in Georgia, and had some weird-ass fried gook at the airport.

What was your most unusual travel experience?
Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

... in which we learn about Shaw's anonymous airport shag with a drug-addled Vietnamese eccentric.

Yeah, she like "fell asleep on my shoulder" if ya know what I mean. Main was her husband pissed! And he was sittin' like right next to us!

I'm so disappointed -- how did Shaw of all people get to be in the 10,00 mile club before me?

Nice euphemisms, by the way, Shaw. Afflack and Jackson -- I've heard of those positions, I think. What page are they in the Kama Sutra?


My own weird flight experience: My brother and I were traveling solo from Florida grandparents to Boston home at ages 9 (me) and 7 (him). Lightning hit the plane and shorted out some systems, so we had to emergency-land in Philly, but the airport was closed for some reason; we spent much of the night sitting in an outdoor hangar watching the storm rage outside with a stewardess (back then, they were still stewardesses) who, looking back, must have found the experience on her own worst-travel list.

Ummmm. . .dude, why didn't you just wake her up?

I was too frightened to! Either I get beaten for waking someone up from a good sleep or I get beaten up for letting a girl sleep on me. I was too frightened to do anything!

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