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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 


Would you like that Jakob Nielsen animation back on the blog?


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Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

Shaw, why can't you just LINK to stuff like everyone else?

I want to know who "requested" it in the first place.


I can't believe I was just outvoted by my own band!

mad props to the one who voted YES (and it wasn't me!) - you can hang with me anytime man...

We're trying to meet you halfway here, man... I mean, nobody's touched the disco entry.

well, the disco entry doesn't talk & play music for one thing.


But let's not give him ideas.

At least you did't rig up the javascript so both choices were "YES".

I nominate you to work on election reforms.

If Shaw reformed elections, all boths would be garishly decorated, and all candidate names would appear in scrolling marquis style which was ultimately unreadable AND didn't fit in the booth....

That's true, but wouldn't that get people out to vote?

Let's face it, people would vote if the booths had more, more, UMPH...

you know what I mean?

Pimp my voting booth man...


I can't believe the biggest debate so far has been on a flash file about Jakob Nielson.

Makes me yearn for the days where everyone was fiercly debating politics...

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