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Tuesday, November 08, 2005 

Q 8:

With my joining, I believe, RotS becomes Hydra-esque (seven heads are better than none). What other classical GrecoRoman attributes or motifs (hint: orgy of ideas is one) might one expect to necessarily emerge from this sort of almost-closed discourse? Please use complete sentences, as my middle school students are killing me.

(also, Q 8a: Why can't I see the title field when I write to this blog? Shaw, change the settings, willya?)

(similarly, Q 8b: Why is this blog on Alaskan time?)
Entry By boyhowdy

The Hydra metaphor does call to mind a near-unstoppable "orgy" of discourse, one whose silencing would be Herculean. While that's inspiring (once more to the breach, dear friends!), I'm not sure it'll be true here (can apathy, that enemy of all blogs, be called Herculean? I suppose, but it would certainly be odd). Also, I imagine it'd be difficult to find two voices to answer for every one that falls silent (though if we all took boyhowdy's example and advanced our voices into the next generation by two, this blog would truly be unstoppable. I'll refrain from returning to the 'orgy' imagery here). In short, perhaps we should recognize, as Socrates did, that poets are liars, and ignore boyhowdy's invocation of the hydra. Instead, returning to Socrates, let us follow his urgings to young Alcibiades,and let us lust for the bringing forth of idea-children, the immortality of the word! Once more to the keyboard, comrades! And away!!!

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