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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 

Query 9, possibly...

...though it isn't a query so much as an observation that is sure to elicit some response, or my name isn't...um...boyhowdy.

So...background first: I teach at a middle school now...and public schools do things very differently, network-safety-wise, than other places...and this particular district is a bit haphazzard in the way it maintains network and technology in general...and so, anyway, we come to the crux of the matter:

When, at work and thus behind the district sonicwall, I try to go to shaw's "blog" via the sidebar links herein, I get a blackscreen of death and the following message in the browser:

Web Site Blocked-HWRSD Filtering-Your computers location has been logged.

So, the query:

Of all of us, doesn't it seem deliciously fitting that Shaw's site would be the one that gets blocked by a random middle school's filtering software?

(note, of course, that I can see everyone else's blogs and websites. Just not Shaw's.)
Entry By boyhowdy

Quite fitting, indeed.

He is quite controversial.

Not suitable for children. You must be fairly high to bard this ride.

board, not bard.

Then again, children who are discovered to be even "fairly" high will be suspended immediately.

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