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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 

Question Reguiring a Great Deal of Thought.

Entry By scruffy_guitar


Speaking of which, you know the legend of Sainte Walpurgis, don't you?

Arbor Day, of course!

Since it's all tree-ness and stuff...

Alternate: Chinese food and movie theater day. If you don't get it, you must not have grown up a suburban jew like me.

Oh, or I suppose we could just go with the obvious "Buy-nothing day." Made more significant/noticeable by the spate of commercialism leading up to it.


As for the Chinese food and a movie thing. . .I think most of us have seen Christmas story, too. . .you know, Ralphie, the bee bee gun and shooting his eye out with the gun?

Oh yeah. I forgot about th' Ninth of Av.

Bonus points fer th' person who explains it.

Okay, there's this month in the Hebrew calendar called Av, see? And it has more than nine days.

Bonus points for what? Shouldn't someone named after the candle that lights all the other candles on Jew-mas be illuminating us rather than offering up mere irredeemables?

Josh, you're such a nice person sometimes. I thought it'd be fun to think about something and have a discussion.

The messiah was supposed to be born on the Ninth of Av, day of destruction of both Temples. There's some sort of logic that says something good will finally happen on that day...

...and that ties into Christmas how?

Ah, forget it. Yer not interested.

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