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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 

A reading suggestion: "An Interrupted Life: The Diaries, 1941-1943" by Etty Hillesum. Admittedly, I have not yet finished, but it is good contemplative sort of reading, provided you do not read the crap they put on the cover. You see, Etty happened to be Jewish in Amesterdam, and happened to die in a concentration camp. So on the cover the NYT Book Review is quoted as saying "Unsurpassed in Holocaust literature." It pisses me off. Granted, she knew what was happening, and she drops a brief mention of it now and then, but her diary is not about the Holocaust. It's about her interior journey and how she relatates to those closest to her. She also has some very tasty quoteables, the latest I have stumbled upon being, "But I can't help feeling that every hotly championed philosophy hides a little lie."
Entry By adriennelibrarian

Its gotten to the point where even book covers are deceptive.

And if we can't trust books then what's left to trust?

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