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Sunday, November 06, 2005 

sUbJecT #7:
Where did Generation X fail?
Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

Oh. . .I had a Generation X question, myself. When does it start and end?

A friend mine thinks it starts with people born in something like 1960 or 1965 and ends with the people born in 1979 or 1980.

I used to disagree with him. Now, though, with the age range of people I'm hanging out with these days. . .I'm starting to see his point.

But did Generation X have a goal to fail at?

To my diappointment, I've always been told that GenX ended just BEFORE my own birth in '73. Generation Y -- the reversion to neoconservativism, the neoyuppies, the folks who identify with Jay and Silent Bob instead of all those "other" Mallrats characters, the true kids of the eighties (Depeche Mode! Howard Jones!) was next. The digital generation (Generation W^3?) is currently in my classes, sleeping through a lab activity.

That said, I think Lex has a good point here: no defined goal means no way to evaluate success/failure in reaching the goal. HOWEVER...I would suggest that one possible goal ascribable to GenX (if one necessarily must, indeed, even ascribe goal-orientation to a generation) is that of making the workplace -- indeed, the whole "formal" sphere of traditional public workspace -- less distinguishable from the casual, comfortable homeplace. See, for example, everything from telecommuting and home entrepenuership to the GenX tendency to choose video store rental clerkship (Clerks, anyone?) over more white-collar careerism merely to be able to be one's one domain-master. IF this were the goal, I'd say it was at least a partial success...

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