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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

Subject Tweellllve...

Since we're heading toward T-day:
what's the worst meal you've ever eaten and where?
Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

At Rosebud in Davis Square, Somerville, I finished my coffee only to discover a piece of Bacon stuck to the bottom of my mug (gross enough + I'm a vegetarian). I called the waitress over and complained. She just sorta said 'oops.'' and took my cup away.

The end.

Worst meal experience: Found half a mouse in some raw meat as I was slapping it on the grill at d'angelo's once. Not MY meal, but ill-making nonetheless.

Sad (but maybe not bad) experience: tried to make Miso Soup for TWO once; forgot to drain the bamboo shoots before dumping them in; after trying to dilute the damn bamboosmell away, ended up throwing out over three gallons of the stuff.

Worst meal I ever ate/was served at home, though, would have to be my mother's salmonburgers. Ew (I'm no vegetarian, but non-flakywhite fish makes me gag...then add the rancid oil popping under the canned salmon, and you get the idea). Oddly enough, the selective memory of mothers still causes her to think I actually LIKE salmonburgers.

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