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Saturday, November 19, 2005 

Time to play...PIMP MY VOTING BOOTH!

In an effort to help election reforms, how would YOU redesign the voting booth? Don't be afraid to take this graphic and add some stuff to it (or a better graphic - this is a New York voting booth, by the way y'all).
Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

I'd do it th' Vermont way. Get rid of all that crap and all yer left with is a wooden booth, a piece of paper with th' candidates listed, and a pen.

Sometimes technology really gets in th' way of progress.

I'm going to have to agree....I've been thinking that all along - and many Maine towns have this too, btw.

Its simple and its clear and easy to count. Its the best way I've encountered.

Every time I've voted in Massachusetts, I've voted by using a pen to color in circles on pretty heavy paper, like the SATs, just heavier paper.

Maybe that's why I don't necessarily understand all this need to modernize and have all these different machinations for voting.

Where is the funereal muzak? Need a big buy-one--get-one-free poster.

It could look like Paris Hilton's sani-hut if you do it right.

Helioshamash: you have described exactly how we vote in my little MA village. I think they then stock the horse stalls with our shredded ballots and make up any damn numbers they please.

Ahh, that's th' best way. At least you can say you've done somethin' with yer vote.

Better yet, print 'em up on rolls 'o' toilet paper an' think pretty thoughts of Sears catalogs.

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