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Monday, November 14, 2005 

Topic Something or Other: Fear

1. As a child (of around 8 or so) I was afraid of accidentally dousing myself in liquid nitrogen and shattering. I think Newton's Apple or 3-2-1 Contact! was to blame.

2. I was also afraid of inadvertantly drinking blood, and becoming a vampire.

3. I have a strong aversion to answering phones.

4. I have nightmares about fish.

5. Last night at around 2:00 AM, I woke convinced that someone was going to try and break in. I sat awake until 7:00. Around 4:00 AM, my boyfriend said "cheese" in his sleep.

6. I am afraid of small doors. What goes through them?

Entry By Nora

I hate answering phones unless I know who's calling -- thank god for caller ID. Nothing good can come from an unexpected phone call.

I fear obsessing over particular people.

I used to get scared of TELEVISION SETS WHEN THEY WERE TURNED OFF. I had nightmares about a blue man, or red man, all of a solid color, walking up towards the tv, then SCREAMING LOUDLY - then the nightmare would end. I thought he came from the tv set...when it was off. Used to keep the tv on all the time.

Then I had I was afraid that folks would steal my wallet - I used to keep it in my front pocket. It looked like I had 3 balls. And it was painful to the other two....

Holy crap! The TV at night when it gets turned off still scares me. And it doesn't even need to just get turned off. . .the TV in my bedroom when the lights finally go out for the night.

It takes all my adult maturity to not freak out.

I wonder if your TV dream was inspired by Tron, Poltergeist, Videodrome and all that other scary, crazy psychedelic '80s crap.

I actually listed over fifty of these a few years ago on my own blog using an exercise called "100 Demons." Link here.

Missed, however, the big fear that a student or administrator at my new school might find my virtual self, disapprove, and ask me to choose between work and blogself. Hard to put your vanity/ethical core/pride where your mouth is when you've got a mortgage and three other mouths to feed.

I used to be afraid of the Count on Sesame Street. I would run out of the room and scream; he scared the shit out of me.

One! One scared bonejack! 'A 'a 'a 'a 'a 'a.

ONce in a great while, finding myself suddenly awake in the middle of the night with a feeling very much like fear, terror even, but only the words "this is it; this IS my life, this is all I get".

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