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Friday, November 11, 2005 

triskaidekaphilia, can I play on your lawn?

Woo hoo! I get the number 13 on my posty.

If it were not for the IP info that sitemeter provides, I would have NO IDEA which college "that college" is. I went to "another college" which will be extremely obscure. I attended back when the alphabet was still being ratified and divinity was the only subject in which you could get a degree: you had to show proficiency in animal sacrifice and auguring from the guts of the sacrifices.

Oddly enough I still think I am the same person I was then.

Men my age are expected only have one thing to say to the likes of this motley company with which I now cast my lot: "Hey! You kids! Get off my lawn!"

Speaking of your turf: If VT does secede, will I be able to get some kind of honorary citizenship and sneak in before you barricade Interstate 91? I want desperately to be part of a revoloution where nothing bad happens and the cheese is yummy. And one other thing: Are you going to let Howard Dean back into VT?


I am not a homeless blogger not likely to become one: you'd have to poop on their lap[tops] and chant "Heil Bush" before they would throw you out of the PBA.
I do not have a thing for Sister, she's younger than my daughter.
This is my inaugural post in the Strayz, no, the Wonder Bread, the ...? you guys are more schizoid than me! [you want to try some of my medicine?] group blog but most of my ranting is to be found at the executioners thong.

Shaw: thank you, I hope.

If we just HAVE to keep munging the marquee, I got dibs on "Bozo Einstein Condensate"
and "Motley Harmless" [assuming we can find a font that conjures up HHGG in minds of the knowledgable].
Entry By GreenSmile

Shaw, why did you let me do this?

I am having a quarrel with blogger's default settings for rendering new-line.
I had to keep going back and putting in explict "br" tags....you actually LIKE it this way? whitespace is good. your haiku will look dumb!

oh and another blog name to reserve:
Hitchhikers guide to the Green Mountians
[there may be one somewhere already I didnt google for it...hey what if we get sued for borrowing? who runs our legal dept here?

"That College" = "This College"

Apart from you, I believe all of us attended, though not all graduated. We all attended at roughly the same time and thus should theoretically all know each other. I'm the only once-and-present attendee, for about another month.

PS: I have a font of Douglas Adams' handwriting... which doesn't exactly invoke HHGG, but is still kinda cool.

actually very cool. Or it would be if you were on slashdot. I spend more time there than I do blogging

I'm semi-attending "That College." Still working on my Plan, after four or five years or not taking classes.

Can be frustrating with the demands of the "real world" and the walls that the ideas in it can create. Nonetheless, I intend on getting it done, especially after I breakthrough I made that took a couple years (even though I can cut that down to less time because of a college class I took, studying for my insurance license, a community class I took, other insurance classes, work, projects for a career counsellor, an upcoming move and tons of other things. . .nonetheless, with the "information" on the topic that has come out since I left "That School," I could say that I wouldn't have been able to even finish my Plan because the information wasn't there. . .go figure).

Yeah. . .

Welcome, Greensmile. Why is your username reflective of a Stephen King novelseries?

Ah, indeed, some of us (no longer all, and thatsswhy yer especially welcome, GS) attended that school, or rather That School. But that doesn't mean we all still live in VT, or consider ourselves belongable to that Deaniestate, so watch what you call "our turf."

As for the Plan...am happy to report that, years later, no one cares. Especially if the world changes enough to make it obsolete, and That School stops serving it on their website. So just finish the damn thing, The_Lex, and get the diploma already. :-)

Everybody and their mother (except for one good friend) has pretty much told me to just get the damn thing done. I have suspected reason why I haven't gotten it done in the past, but it's currently suspect. Nonetheless, I haven't not finished yet because of any futile sense of perfection, some sense of elevated importance or feeling that I need to prove myself to the world (even if there's some need to prove myself to myself). In the long run, I simply haven't been able to organize it in a way that I could understand. . .not feel that was perfect but simply could understand. . .which leads me to my suspected reason for possibly not finishing the damn thing.

At the moment, though, I've the priorities of getting Christmas presents for friends, making a living, a job search and getting ready for a big move halfway across the country before the Plan currently.

Getting both of these issues out of the way, I would gladly get the thing Fing done, like everyone wants me to do.

Howdyboy: I don't read novels, I double-don't read Stephen King [ you don't have to, his work permeates the entertainmentsphere and you get his work by osmosis]. the name reflects the color of my politics and my poor dental hygiene.

indeed, I don't eat lunches.

This is probably coming too late to be noticed, but...

In support of Lex's reluctance to finish his Plan, I'd just point out that I'm actually very glad I took seven years to get back to it after leaving That School. Firstly because, frankly, the faculty in my subject at the time I left just wasn't up to snuff, but more importantly because I could not possibly have done as good a job at 22 as I've done at 29. Part of that is just down to the increased discipline that comes with age, but a lot more of the credit goes to having spent the intervening years working in the field. I came back to finish because I'd spent seven years thinking and doing, gradually building little theories and taking reams of mental notes, and evenutally got to a place in life where I wanted to sit down for a while and codify all the ideas that had collected in my mind, take some time to sort out my thoughts.

I've nearly finished that process now, and while the Plan I've ultimately written has little to do with the one I began years ago, and doesn't look all that much like the one I intended to write a year ago, it's exactly the Plan I needed to write. No, having written it won't make much difference to my professional life, but it's done a hell of a lot for my intellectual and creative life, and I'm glad to have done it. I'm even more glad to have waited until I could do it with the accumulated knowledge of years in the field behind me.

Lex, you'll know when you're ready to finish that Plan; no need to rush anything. If it's not going to make any difference anyway, you might as well wait until you can do one that might mean something to you personally.

Thanks for the support, Sister.

I also can empathize with a lot of what you've said.

Nonetheless, I take exception to labelling my sentiment toward not finishing my Plan by now as "reluctance." I would rather address it as "incapability." Calling it "reluctance," I feel, feeds into the "just do it" rhetoric and the feeling I get of other people pretty much attributing a character flaw to me. I would rather be incapable then have a character flaw.

And I haven't actively been reluctant to finish my Plan. I've tried my damdest to do it. I just simply haven't been able to do so because I haven't met the conditions of having the necessary facts and concepts. Once I get those, I'm set.

Now, lately though, I've been having problems with time and priority management. If I didn't have those management issues, I would probably be dancing with joy at the progress I make with it. I can't wait until the holidays end, I get a job in Chicago and move there. . .work will actually get done this huge project of mine.

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