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Wednesday, November 23, 2005 

What is your favorite Thanksgiving MEMORY?

Mine is coming home from college for a quick holiday, me and my folks eating dinner, and doing everything we can to avoid an endlessly hungry dalmation and maltese from gobbling up the grub before we could.

Of course, the dalmation got most of the food anyway...thanks to our short short dinner table and my dalmation's big big snout.

What is your favorite Thankgsiving memory?
Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

Mine was three years ago. I was in LA with Baxter and Ismo, and none of us were "going home" because it was too far (Baxter = Oregon and Ismo = Sri Lanka). We went to the Whole Foods off Fairfax to pick up T'giving supplies the night before, and spent the day cooking. Best turkey EVAR.

Afterwards, we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to a wonderful beach -- not one of the swimming beaches, but more of a sitting, watching the sunset beach, rocky and craggy. I can't remember what it was called anymore, which is sad, 'cause I loved that beach... the name included a tree, though, sycamore or poplar or something; it was north past Zuni Beach. I'd never go back to LA, but I really miss the PCH and that beach.

maybe the time I was in Burlington still, about to leave there soon, and Miah invited me to Turkey day with his family. We stayed with his relatives for maybe an hour or so, since Miah's immediate clan wasn't particularly close to them. but we had fun.

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