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Thursday, December 01, 2005 


Does advertising persuade you to buy a particular product?

Does advertising persuade you to "buy into" a materialistic culture?
Entry By The_Lex

I can't accept that directly causal of a relationship in either case, so the simple answer is "no" to both questions.

The more complex answers involve discussion of advertising as designed not to drive sales so much as driving broader consumer associations (both value-associations and iconographic association) with products than the product would otherwise have as a commercial/practical object, as well as some serious consideration of whether culture is inherently material (i.e. something one buys into) in a broad sense (and thus cannot be made so, though it can be reinforced, by advertising either in incidence or in toto).

In fact, we might even say that advertising only peripherally even reinforces "buying into" materialistic culture, since so much of the culture outside of advertising does this more effectively, more subtly, and more powerfully.

Read Sut Jhally yet? He's a nutter, but fun to argue against. James Carey rocks, and Marsha Kinder, though, is da bomb.

Thanks for reminding me about Plan days, T_L.

Now I know what my friends feel like talking to me, especially when they look at me in that blank way. Like them, though, I eventually understand.

yes. and if you act now, you can have a second answer for half off.

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