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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

Are You Satisfied?

In the deep midwinter (which we do have in California, I promise) it's nice to remember the things you're thankful for. So: what's keeping you warm this winter? New job? New baby? Same-old sweetie? The realization of a long-held goal? Family? Friends? Kickass boots? Your ironic sensibilities? The fact that you're smarter than all those bastards? Spill!
Entry By Nora

I'll get it rooling -- I'm thankful that I moved to San Francisco. Smartest stupid descision I ever made.

I'm also thankful that I mis-typed 'rolling' in such an amusing fashion. And that I'm so easily amused.

I'm thankful that I have a new apartment, new job, sorta new girlfriend (as of a few months) and that I might be getting a second (or third, or fourth, fifth, or more even, but whose counting) wind.

So much of my own blog has had to be about this in the past few months, but it's worth paraphrasing:

Eight months ago I had no job prospects, was supporting a laid-off spouse on a job about to end in June, was about to be kicked out of our prep-school-owned home with no savings and no other place to live or go, and was expecting a second kid any day.

Six months ago we had a tiny infant, a three-year-old, no job, no home, lived in our car and on the road and one-week-at-a-time with in-laws, had put everything we owned except two suitcases worth of kid-and-slum clothes into a storage facility in a totally inacessible place, and had been rejected by 42 prospective schools, with two job offers still in the works but fading fast.

Today we own our own home in the rural life we idealize, have two happy kids who are bright as hell, a job that is challenging and covers all the myriad things I always wanted a single job to include but never did, and get to be home with family and home by 3:30 every day -- plus summers off.

Thankful doesn't begin to cover it.

Throughout, I have been blessed by being smarter than those bastards. But among the many, many valuable lessons this past year has taught me, I've also learned that being smart means pissall -- itself a vitally important thing to know about the universe, and thus yet another blessing.

I'm thankful I'm still standing.

yea yea yea

As soon as it turns midnight on the 31st, I'll be even more thankful that I got through what was a wickedly evil year.

I've been pretty darn busy for the last year or so taking classes, seeing a career counsellor, working on the job search and a whole bunch of other crap that I'm having a hard time thinking up Christmas gift ideas, let alone think of what I'm thankful about.

Thinking, quickly, though, I would say: my fiancee, my friends who stick around and get all angry then come back after years (who I really don't see enough these days) and, honestly, my Plan/thesis, for the purpose beyond the everyday that it gives me.

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