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Thursday, December 01, 2005 

By the way...

The guy who's currently posting as scruffy_guitar is Ethan. He's a current student at That School, a nice guy who'd have fit in very well with us if he'd been born about ten years sooner.

Say hello, Ethan...
Entry By Amy

Heck, I'd fit in better if I had been born ten years earlier, too. Be able to keep up with the kids better, too.

Welcome, E. How's that series on Creativity coming? Looks good in the alum brochures.

1. in answer to boyhowdy, i don't know. Who has time to go to the lectures? Obviously somebody, or htey wouldn't have them. i'd actually forgotten about it entirely until you mentioned it.

2. To Sister Novena, way to blow my cover you jerk. Especially since everbody else here seems to be allowed to stick with their pseudonyms unbothered.

3. And to add to what Sister Novena has said, i actually like to think I would have done best to have been born a good thirty/forty years earlier. Ah, the Sixties...

He's not actually as much of a prick as he seems to be here. :)

He isn't? How disappointing.

I, too, would have preferred to be born in the sixties. Except not the real sixties, with all that dirtiness and violence and cultural tension. No, I'm talking about the happy, fluffy idealized TVNation sixties, in which weed actually had an effect on people, the cops were oblivious, and hippies were actually free, and had no lice at all.

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