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Tuesday, December 27, 2005 





Entry By The_Lex

Except Hailey Rochester's husband, Peter. We like him, mostly because he's cool, and used to be a baker.

Oh, and the guy who I met waiting for the Santa Train a few weeks ago who became a cop after teaching "all the ologies" at the local high school for 30 years, and still teachest psych and socio at the local community college. He has a great moustache, and he played a hell of a Santa for the kiddies on the train later.

Oh, and that guy who pulled me over once when I wasn't wearing pants and decided that waiving my ticket was a fair trade for the laugh.

Oh, and Cagney. Lacey, I was never that fond of, but cagney -- boy, she could give me a ticket any time.

You know, come to think of it, I have no idea what your beef is, The_Lex. Wanna share the pain? Spider Robinson says it will lessen the impact.

:( I make a big post, no one responds.

Lex makes a small post, he gets a long response.

Can't win

No beef, really.

Just a song that a bunch of us made up back in the THAT SCHOOL days.

Thought it would make a fun entry.

It actually started back in '96, in a dollar store in Brattleboro. We were hanging around there, and this 15 year old kid walks in and says "cops. they're no good. I hate 'em", trying to look all bad ass.

I thought it was amusing, so I made that into a legend, then a song,and then............

Wow. . .now that's a meme.

Size isn't everything, Shaw.

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