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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 

I Want a New Job

And I want it to involve a lot of stomping around and yelling at people.

Anyone know of any openings?
Entry By The_Lex

I recommend teaching.

If you can teach math or science, you can find an opening pretty much anywhere in the country. And you get not one but TWO venues for stomping around and yelling at people: in the classroom, and in faculty meetings.

Other possibilities might include piracy, winemaker (more stomping, less yelling, though I don't suppose anyone cares much), streetside crazy-person (which doesn't pay that well, but you get to stomp and yell pretty much anything you like -- it doesn't even have to make any sense), or applying to work in costume at Disney as "stompy and yelly", the eighth and ninth dwarfs.

Mad Russian? Square dance caller? Dinosaur?

ever thought about running for office?

I think you'd want to after working at that "Wall" store...y' should try there!

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