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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 

It's Time To Name This Blog

Now that it's gotten to the point where the most frequent topic of discussion is what the hell the name of this blog is, I think maybe its time to once and for all just name the darned thing and get it over with. I honestly think that the original name "Stray Roundtable" was good, but I could be wrong. What should be the permanent name of the blog? Should there be a permament name of this blog? Discuss...and maybe we'll vote on all of the suggestions next week.
Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

what about :"the pack of strayz?"

I could smoke a pack of strayz...

Nah, sounds too much like a Joni Mitchell song.

Personally, I liked "Ersatz Thy." Makes no sense, but then, we don't always either so there pbbbbt.

How about Turkeys in the Stray?

'Ersatz Thy' is also an anagram of 'The Strays.'

as is the new name I just put up: ("Eh, St Tzar," for the record, since it'll probably be gone in the morning).

that's "Sty Tzar" not St. Tzar. I shouldn't read Name of the Rose before blogging.

Roundtable of Blog Names.

ok - forget ROUNDTABLE - forget STRAYZ

close your eyes for a minute and open your eyes again.

WHat do you see?

I think picking a fairl tight-but-flexible name and then encouraging ONLY anagrammatic retitles isn't such a bad idea, actually.

But ther's not that much we can do with Ersatz Thy. So how about anagrams of "not that college":

Go To The Ant Cell

Not The Goat Cell

Neglect a Hot Lot

Elect a Log To Nth

A Cogent Tot Hell

Elton Got A Letch

Let Not A Letch Go

Tell The Cat "No Go"

Ell, He Got No Tact

A Ghetto Noll, Etc.

No Tact Ego Hell

Got A Hot Net Cell

...ad infinitum...

What about 'Shaw and Friends' (which would be a play on 'Sam and Friends, for you muppet fetishists). Anagrams include:

A Swan-herd Finds
news for littoral lads and lasses

Dada Fresh Winns!
slogan for a surrealist detergent

Dad's Fawn - her sin
a tell all confessional from Bambi's daughter

and so on.

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