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Sunday, December 11, 2005 

Jesse Lex Needs Luvin'

Jesse Lex on his blog said that "there was no romance in E-mail anymore".

Let's all prove the guy wrong...


Even if you are a man, even if you are straight or whatever or even married, send Lex some luvin'....let's prove the guy wrong
Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

When I signed up for this, I didn't realize this sort of thing was going to be involved.

Uhhhh. . thanks, Shaw, but that's not what I meant by romance. I meant ADVENTURE Romance, like the adventures of King Arthur and such. Did you even read the Blog entry?

There's no more ADVENTURE romance in email anymore?! That doesn't make any sense...

*goes off to read entry.*

Oh. Okay, I can see where the title would have come from. But to be fair, the connection (if there is one) between the "no great romaces in culture anymore" and "I read 400 emails" is pretty much left to the imagination.

And we all know what Shaw's imagination is like.

Personally, I refuse to inject my email with more of any kind of romance. But, no, The_Lex, there's no romance (of any type) in slogging through 400 (!) digimissives.

I guess I now know how to get more readers for my Blog:

Step 1. Have Shaw read it.

Step 2. Come up with funky, quirky names for entries.

Optional Step 3. Have an anarchic other Blog for Shaw to publicly market the Blog with his crazy imagination.

My take on the Lex's post was that we live in a diminished world, of which 400 work-related emails are only a symptom (though one could argue that we always have, which is why we have those Great Romances to begin with).

Always have lived in a diminished world, that is. My cat, he aint great with the sentence structure.


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