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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 

Self Destruction

I enjoy the fact that we all have access to the self destruct button on this Blog.

Now no one can really say, "You don't like it here? Go to some other damn Blog." The person who doesn't like it can just go "Screw you," then click on the self destruct button.

Now, that's democracy. =D
Entry By The_Lex

Just like th' Wild Wild West, where everyone has a damn gun stashed away somewhere.


This here is th' first Real Life (TM) blog.

not the wild west. more like the cold war...one grumpy idiot in the kremlin or the white house could have canceled the future for the entire human race.

good thing our idiot isn't grumpy.

We have an idiot? Where?

it really is kinda scary..or it really bespeaks a kind of "i just have to trust this crowd"...there are little trashcan icons on all the comments! I could expunge you, you could expunge me.

If the ministry could write any history that suited big brother in 1984, that was evil. But if EVERYBODY has the power of that ministry, thats what? not democracy, perhaps a courteous anarchy?

There is no guarantee of stability in this arrangement beyond the maturity of the partyers, no assurance one little snit and a deletion will not bring down the house...some of you actually like this!

It's only a courteous anarchy until someone -- maliciously, thoughtfully, even accidentally -- pulls the plug, though.

True, such structures only work smallscale, as trust cannot exist in facelessness. CF Wikipedia's recent diaster, if you like, or even Dibbel's original treatese on how a MOO became a community AND set up explicit rules and roles because of one rapacious idiot -- even with a constant stream of volunteer editors, at some point scale-wise between "I and my wife, son John and his wife" and the encompassed universe the cops need to be brought in, the statuses shifted.

Interesting, by the way: critical mass for trust/rules tipping points are not static. They depend, among other things, on how much of YOU is in the community (less in cyberspace than RL by the way), and how much the community is you -- both in very real ways. As such, though hindsight is always 20/20, one cannot predict with any confidence whether even THIS community is already too big to survive, and/or for how long. All one can say: each time we grow, though the value of the conversation grows immesurably, it becomes riskier nonetheless.

(Woah...was that me in Planmode again? Geez, I missed you guys.)

I somewhat consider myself the driving force behind the creation of this Blog, but I never meant it to go this far!

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