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Monday, December 19, 2005 

Time for...

Because its still MONDAY in some parts of the world!

What song did I mosh to?
KEG PARTY By James "chunka chumbawumba" Kochalka

What did I mosh on?
A bunch of old reporters notepads I found in my bag.

Why did I stop?
Because it turned out I still needed some of those notebooks, and now some of those notepads smell like my feet. Eww...

Your turn!

Name the song you moshed to
What did you mosh on?
Why did you stop??!?!?

Your turn!
Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

Well, it was originally my meme (me! me!), so I guess I oughta give it a whirl regardless of lateness. Though memes mean a bit more pressure to participate in this here blogjam than I'd liked...this here mosh does indeed sate from Monday, circa 1:30 or so.


Song: Hannukay Hey Ya (available from the Chrismukkah.com site).

Stepped on: several pieces of faded blue construction paper; the silly buttons of several of my students.

Stopped: because no one wants to see their middle scholl teacher mosh, now, do they?

Wow. You guys remember me. Still reading you! Naturally.
What do I do if a have a question?
Like... who gets the job if Cheney buys the farm?

Barbara! Send along your email address via the blog -- I've had to change mine so many times I'd not know where I put yours -- and we'll add you to the posting fray, if you so desire.

It gets a bit odd in here at times, and none too formal or high-culture...but the insanity is a good place to let the brain bubble, once in a while.

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