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Saturday, December 17, 2005 

Yet Another Christmas Question

The local news -- and the global, it seems -- is that the increasing tension between social behavior and religious behavior is manifesting itself in the holiday season with a vengance.

To wit: on everything from my local township's online forum, where some folks are mad that the local town tree is all dolled up but must suppsedly be referred to as a "Holiday" tree, and several people have started a campaign to respond to some local salesfolk not wishing them a Merry Christmas by proclaiming, loudly and to the poor wage slaves who cannot do anything about it, that they heretofor will never again shop there because, after all, this is CHRISTMAS DAMMIT OMG, to a recent Newsweek poll which reports that 35% of respondents are offended by the term "Happy Holidays," PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO FIGHT OVER WHETHER IT IS APPROPRIATE (OR INDEED ABSOLUTELY NEVER OTHERWISE) TO REFER TO PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF THIS SEASON AS "CHRISTMAS" - RELATED.

The question, then, is this:

What the fuck, man? Just...what the fuck?

I suppose one could restate this as: Why do issues like this never get dealt with with intelligence and aplomb, and, more importantly, why are the loudest voices in every debate the ones which represente the polar, unthinking, neanderthal ones (everyone must celebrate MY holiday vs. no one can ever pretend to assume that anyone in front of them might celebrate MY holiday)?

But I don't think such restatement is truly necessary.
Entry By boyhowdy

We're regressing as humans to the point where we're getting into the silliest arguments over silly bloody things.

What the $@#@# is wrong with a Christmas tree being a, yikes, Christmas tree? I've had both Christmas trees AND Menorahs at the SAME TIME when I was growning up. That Christmas tree was never a holiday tree just as much as that Chanakauh menorah was never a holiday menorah

But yea, I still watch A Charlie Brown Christmas knowing it will never be a Charlie Brown Holiday and ...


yikes, there's never been a jewish cartoon character! oy vey...

Aren't the kids on South Park Jewish? Or at least one of 'em?

Whenever somebody opens their cookie-hole to whine about "Christmas" v. "Holiday", I know that person has been watching waaaaaaaay too much Bill O'Reilly.

I carry a stack of "mindless idiot" stickers around with me to slap on their foreheads whenever I encounter one of them.

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