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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

Confusing Commentary Cue Free-For-All

Created as a totally impossible way to gather data for Shaw's contention that certain kinds of posts get comments, while others don't. Or not. Go ahead, make my blog.

Telemarketers have an advantage over you because they have a script, so here's a script to use with telemarketers. (Bonus question: Honestly, do you really care what kind of toothpaste your telemarketer uses?)

Levis have just made jeans an accessory to an iPod. With built-in controller loops and a hidden pocket for the 'pod itself. (Bonus question: Is this better or worse than the Geigerpod?)

Because Alito is unwilling to commit right now to upholding Roe vs. Wade forever regardless of judicial context, CNN reports, "Sen. Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat...said he could only conclude the nominee would overrule the precedent if given the chance." (Bonus question: Who is more in need of a course in logic: Schumer, the Governator, or Bill O'Reilly?)

Will someone explain why Bjork ordering from Ikea is funny?

If you find this post annoying, feel free to report me to the Feds. (Bosun question: swab the decks, you tar!)

Metabonus points to anyone who can establish clean rules for which content Shaw posts here, and which he chooses to post in his own blog. Shaw is exempt from answering this one, because, according to the newer thinking in sociopsychology, people are generally both wrong and arbitrary when trying to explain why they do what they do.

Heck, metabrownie WTFBBQ points for everyone. I'm feeling particularly generous. Might just be the quit-smoking, bronchial asthma delirium, though.
Entry By boyhowdy

1. I like talking to telemaketers, but havee a strong aversion to picking up the phone (sort of phobia-like there's no reason for it). And toothpaste doesn't interest me all that much.

2. The Geiger-pod shoves me into a some distopian future. The jeans just thrust me onto the set of Back to the Future IV.

3. Logic is passe apparently

4. See above. And ha!

5. Oh look, there's that distopian future again.

6. Direct addresses go here, solliliquies there?

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