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Thursday, January 19, 2006 

Earnistine's Journalistic Questionables
Rubber baby buggy bumpers

1. Who is Earnistine? Is she related to Ben?

2. What does "dreanchable" mean? Make up a definition, if you must.

3. When will the good sis Novenapop admit wonder into her daily grind?

4. Where can I buy crusty bread with whole cloves of garlic baked in now that my suermarket has stopped carrying it?

5. Why is this guy blue?

6. How many of you are in no way surprised that I always write the longest entries in this damn bloggiethingie? Damn loggwhoreeea. Also, damn speellcheek.
Entry By boyhowdy

Make the bread yourself. Peter Reinhardt is the connection.

You want wonder? Flour, salt, yeast, and water are each almost nothing on their own, but carefully combined, they're the most nourishing substance in the world.

Sorry, that should be Reinhart.

Hey, just 'cause the guy's one of my heroes doesn't necessarily mean I know how to spell his name.

You know what I've never been able to figure out?

How come if you add flour and water and bake it, you get a nice pancake for, say, mu shu.

But if you add flour and water and don't bake it, you get paste.

Dreanch is a synonym for work.

Without more context, I can only guess the connotation here.

The noisemakers may be workable... teachable.

Or they may just be very noisy when working, feeling overworked, or being worked-over.

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