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Monday, January 23, 2006 

How do YOU write about sex?

Adrienne said: "If I was to write a novel with sex in it, I would say something like, 'They got in between the sheets. Hubba, hubba. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.'"

How do you write about it?
Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

Yeah, if I was to write a novel with sex in it, I'd write: "Adrienne got in between the sheets. Hubba hubba. etc. etc."

Okay, seriously? I'd probably use an elipsis. Too squeamy.

On second thought: they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'd probably just paste in some actual porn.

Why not go a digital with that thought.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video clip is worth...

So in your book you could write, "They got in between the sheets and they www.somethingsexy.xxx'ed."

How do I write about sex? Like this, like a damned puritan. [Hey at least puritans KNEW they were damned]

Buy my novel when it finally gets published, and you'll find out.

I've read that it's best to never refer to the sex acts too directly and always be revealing something about the characters. That's real erotica.

The_lex sez: never refer directly and always be revealing something about the characters.

Like this?

Suddenly, he discovered a whole new set of freckles. And then more. And then there were no more, and it was good, because he hated freckles.

But he loved a natural redhead.

Also: I can't write a novel, so I wrote a kid's story.

Anyone know a good children's book illustrator?

Well, boyhowdy, I'm just glad you didn't write a sex scene about semi-contagious spots.

Why'd you misquote me if you "quoted" me, and isn't the benefit of a conversation through comments that it's a conversation as compared to say. . .e-mails?

But yeah, boyhowdy, that could work as erotica, except that it described more of losing attraction as compared to the heating up of attraction and excitement.

I'm guessing you wrote what you wrote somewhat in parody/satire. Either which way, though, the same source for what I said above pretty much said that sex in literature is some of the toughtest stuff to write.

And isn't it cute how each of our reactions to the 'sex scene question' are "revealing something about the character"? Adrienne's is funny and earthy and practical, Boyhowdy's is dismissive, then revelatory, then cocky then... well lets just say, boy's got stamina. And The_Lex is concerned with technique, and also with not showing all his cards. And then there's a bit of antler crossing when boyhowdy and The_Lex collide, indicating some sort of competition and a hard edge just beneath the joshing (no pun intended).

And me? I dither between flippancy and over-seriousness. And I draw conclusions from very small samples. Character flaws, all.

Not taking offense at all, but I think your analysis of my "bed attitude" is incorrect.

I don't have time to bother or practice with technique in bed.

Now, my fiancee on the other hand. . .. =D

Then again, I'm not so sure how things would be if I had spare time.

Oh it's probably all incorrect. But it's literary analysis, man. Truth is so... pre-postmodern (i.e. modern, yes I know).

And absolutely no offense or insult was intended. Nor was any real analysis of anyone's style or prowess. I think if any of us tried to seriously speculate on the chutes and ladders or ins and outs of one other's private moments, the blog would explode. Or maybe just my head.

Ok now, picture a body of water, and tell me how you get across....

I think we're both just having fun.

I wanted to push the boundaries a little.

And remember. . .anyone can make the Blog self-destruct without warning. Volatile, quite volatile, indeed.

To get across the body of water, first, have sex...

I intended not to quote, but to rephrase and distill to my benefit transparently. Seems it worked ot ok.

Though I thought my freckle scene ended with an image of coming face to face with natural redhead dscovery -- i.e. pubes -- and as such was actually both sarcastic and erotic. But that's the selfanalysis, and those are more often wrong than not.

And I prefer (NORA ET AL) to self-idenitfy as alternately wry and acerbic. But that's just because those words sound like food, but aren't, and I like that.

From somewhere next door, he could here the pumps starting in. Like a goddamn oil refinery. Thump, thump, thump. If only they'd stop screaming, he could pretend itwasmachinery. Instead he gritted his teeth and resolved to speak to the RA about this. It was just too much.

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