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Saturday, January 28, 2006 

State of the union...

If you were to give a State of the Union speech, what would you say?
Entry By Shaw Israel Izikson

My Fellow Americans...

Let's face it. We're pretty fucked right now.

Most people in my shoes speak platitiudes. But such meaningless phrases and empty promises will not serve when the evidence of our impending apocolypse is all around us.

I can't promise it's not too late...but I can assure you, if it isn't now, it will be soon.

So let's raise the stakes. I'm calling on every American today to put aside their assumptions about the Joneses -- both in terms of our sysiphian commercialism which is keeping us from putting our hard-earned money where it can do the most good for ourselves and our communities, and in our trust that someone else is recycling enough for the both of you.

There is no someone else. We focus on the trivial and the triumphant at our own risk. Take up the mantle of your citizenship, or risk losing it all.

My fellow Americans, now is the time for action. In the following weeks you will see drastic cuts in all but the most essential human services, and funds literally poured towards the sorts of public projects unseen since the days of FDR, that we might transition into a sustainable world before there is not enough to sustain us in it.

I have put the full resources of the government -- your government, that mere embodiment of your collective will, as set forth by men who were willing to put their own lives on the line -- the full resources of the government at your disposal.

But it will not be enough to save us. Not without you.

Instead of expending your energies -- the most precious resource we have, as americans and as global citizens -- instead of expending those precious resources carping about the schools, observe your children's classrooms, volunteer for the PTO, run for school committee. Donate a brand new computer to the local library. Go back to school -- raise the brain trust on behalf of all of us. Carpool not just to save your own gas, but to leave some for the truckers that bring food into your communities. Mind your backyard, and help your neighbor long before he asks for it.

Our lives depend on it.

Be conservative -- work hard to preserve all that you see as valuable about this world. Be liberal: make change thoughtfully and deliberately where you see a need for change.

But regardless of your politicial inclination, never mind what politicians tell you you should be worried about. Make your own decisions, and act on them. What matters is that you put your money where your mouth is, put your body behind the body politic -- not tomorrow, and not next week, but today, and every day.

Earn your citizenship over each time you rise. And each time you earn a dollar by the sweat of your own brow, turn it over, and read our credo: out of many, one.

Only as an entire nation of individuals committed to betterment will we survive.

My fellow americans, our own history shows that the best true and sustainable progress comes from a unified body of people who know themselves and are willing to work and fight for their own ideals, not the ideals of some abstract body.

It is not up to politicians to determine your welfare. It is not up to me to determine what it might mean to leave this world a better place than you found it. We trust you to do what you see as fit and most needed from this point onward, and we're depending on you to do it. But if you've got a suggestion, a need, a hand to offer -- our lines are always open.

May we never set down the mantle of democracy, nor the burden of this noble experiment. Thank you, and may God Bless America.

Yeah... I don't think I'll be holding my breath for that one.

PS: my word-verification word is "pongy". I like it. What do you think it means?

Yeah, it's usually much closer to somthing like, "my fellow americans: Hubba, hubba. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge."

My verification word is afsetuley. I think it might be the best word ever. Afsetuley!

My verification word can beat up your verification word.


Because my verification word is euzoukzs. Sounds like a batman battle-against-evil sound effect. Zap! Pow! Euzoukzs!

Also, I think Clinton already did that SotU, Nora.

If I had wanted to comment again, I'd get "ompil" as my next verification word, which sounds kind of like a french word for some obscure medication. But I'm not leaving any more comments.

I would say for the state of the union:

IT'S SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ahhh. . .crap!

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