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Sunday, February 05, 2006 

The Digital Dozens: Yo Mama So N00b...

Yo mama so n00b she gots whiteout on her monitor.

Yo mama so n00b she tried to order a book online and lost her credit card in the floppy drive.

Yo mama so n00b she buys a printer 'cause the dude at Staples recommended it.

Yo mama so n00b she licks the back of her screen before sending email. (alt: buys stamps for her email.)

Yo mama so n00b she printed out a bunch of blank word documents because she was running out of printer paper.

Yo mama so n00b she sticks her floppy disks to the fridge with magnets so she'll remember to bring them to work.

Yo mama so n00b she gets up to close Windows.

Yo mama so n00b, she'll never find this or any of your other blogs, so feel free to blog about her with impunity.

Feel free to add your own in the comments, fellow 1337 haxxors...
Entry By boyhowdy

Yo mama was so N00b that she thought wikipedia was a Wiccan dictionary

Yo mama was so n00b she didn't even KNOW how to post a comment to this comment section

Yo mama so N00b she thinks AOL is the Internet.

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