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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

On Behalf of Pete Seeger

If you had a hammer, would you hammer in the morning?
If not, when?
Would you hammer out a warning?
If not, what?
All over this land?
Or where?
Entry By doctor.mom

Who is Doc Ma, and can't I be Dirk Diggler instead of the unknown Herschel Savage? And now on to the question...in tune, yet!

If I had a hammer,
I'd hammer after midnight
I'd wake up all the neighbors
All over this town
I'd hammer out the driveway
I'd hammer out the walkway
I'd hammer out the ice and snow
so I could go
to work without killing myself
Aaallll...over the driveway.

Stupid 45 degree driveway slope.

Stupid freezing rain.

Stupid couch on wheels with no snow tires or anti-lock brakes.

PS: I met Pete a couple times at folk festivals. Pretty spry for an old guy. Over 80, and he can sure ammer that banjo. But I still hear the Peter Paul and mary version in my head when I sing it, since Noel "Paul" Stookey is a close friend of mine, and I just love his born-again simplicity of soul.

The only appropriate time to hammer is Hammertime.

I mean, duh.


Can't touch that, sis.

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