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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Life Under Pressure
and twelve other syllables,
just because we can.

Be brief. Be Dense.

Tell us as much as you can about your life right now. In a single haiku.

Entry By boyhowdy

Oddly, I posted this before going to The_Lex's site and discovering he had already done one. And I posted a poem yesterday, myself. Must be poetry week in my little solipsistic universe.

Anyway. Looking forward to the ensuing 5/7/5s.

I am here and here.
Josh come up buy me some beer.
I want drunk fun here.

Follow my trend. =D

Completely engrossed
By a stack of blue post-its
Novel writing: hard

I'm still waiting for beer.
Josh, when will you buy me beer?
I am not being queer.

Sipping cheap red wine
Jeez, this chapter's coming slow
Goddamn internets

Herniated disk
Has me limping up and down
Middle school hallways.


also, for Shaw:

You live far from here,
Right above a liquor store.
Get your own damn beer.

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