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Friday, March 10, 2006 

Post #100

Partee! Partee!

Let's celebrate the 100th post.


Partee! Partee!

So, what's your favorite way to partee?
Entry By The_Lex

I would party in a house
and I would party with my spouse
and I would party in a bar
and I would, I should, in a car
and I would party in a box
and I would do it with a fox
and I would party with a beer
and I would party there, or here
(yes I would do it here, or there:
O! I will party anywhere!)

I do so like this comment spam!
I do, I like it, Sam I am!

I also like pina coladas, getting stuck in the rain, long walks on the beach, etc. What can I say -- I'm just generally happy.

Personally, I prefer to partee like it's 1999. Which means I have to pretend I'm living in Burlington, VT, and that Stefan's friend whose name I forget is up in a tree whoooping.

And then the neighbors call the cops, and everyone goes home.

I refuse to party.
yes it's true,
not until,
Josh buys me some brew.

Okay, let's take a look at this more deeply:

Shaw lives directly above a LIQUOR STORE.

I live several hours drive away from him. In the middle of rural nowhere. 20 minutes from a liquor store.

So, my poem:

Here, here,
some virtual beer:

| |

(It's in the glass.

Silly Ass.)


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