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Monday, June 12, 2006 

Is There a Point to All?

So is there a point to having this free form discussion blog if we all have our blogs and sometimes, like me, have three?

yes but its a much smaller point.

I have four or five blogs because you can make one on whim. All but one languish.
Having a blog is kind of like getting pregnant. In a moment of hope or passion you conceive a new address from which you will address the world with a new voice or chorus of voices. Then the daily grind of feeding the little beast dawns on you.

Should we put it up for adoption?
Entry By The_Lex

Who added to the entry that way?

I didn't.

Why not comment instead of posing as me?

Sorry, Lex. That was me. Maybe I have a unconscious need to demonstrate the split personality potential of our blogging arrangement. Won't happen again.

It's OK. I really just confused and flustered.

Your demonstration actually somewhat fits into the current meta-discussion.

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