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Thursday, June 15, 2006 

Shaw in the Hospital

Hey folks,

Shaw's in the hospital. He said that he should get discharged tomorrow, and that he should be all right. It was his heart again, but he had gotten under a lot of stress because of work and his car.

It's kind of late on the East Coast now, so I don't think he can get calls. If you want to try calling him to give him your good intentions, leave a a non-anonymous comment here. I'll give you the hospital number.

Otherwise, why not send him an e-mail of good wishes, get better, stop stressing out and to stand up for himself at work (if you want, say that I told you to say that. . .he'll understand).

I'll respond to other conversation soemtime later tonight.
Entry By The_Lex

email? you mean the shawshawshaw@... addy?

bummer anyway, that guy is not getting as good as he is giving.

btw, the fastest way to contact me is dysentropic at gmail dot com.

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