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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 

Now Soliciting Comments...
On Patriotism And The Pledge

Thought this group might have some fun weighing in on today's blogtopic: Teaching the pledge of allegiance to middle school students.*

*though I wouldn't touch the whole "under G-d" thing in a public school setting with a ten foot Huppah pole...
Entry By boyhowdy

I'm ambivalent about the whole matter.

Not much discussion here...I'll just offer my pennies.

I used to loathe saying it in school and I endured it all through my schooling years. I frequently rebelled either by changing the words or not saying it at all. I would hold my hand on the wrong side. I would think silently to myself "Go fuck thyself".

I don't really think I'll ever be objective about this subject so you'll have to bear with me. I think the Pledge is a load of crap and akin to brainwashing children into thinking a flying sheet represents a nation, its people and all the ideas and ideals ever fought and argued over.

Anyone care to counterpoint?

My son got in trouble for Pledging allegiance to his pants. Try repremanding a kid for that with a straight face.

being a grade schooler from '56 to '63 I was not given any choice about the pledge. nothing in my family environment would have had me do anything but sing along with a patriotic reflex like that. What made me as disaffected as Heliosmash was just the presentation: no choice. Even a grade school kid knows not everyone goes to the same church or even believes in god and you learn what I think of as the "civil ten commandments", the Bill of Rights, pretty early in your schooling and the first ammendment does not quite fit in the same brain where the pledge goes unquestioned.

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