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Wednesday, January 03, 2007 


Anyone been to a pawn shop lately?
Entry By helioshamash

Interestingly, I don't think I've ever been in a pawnshop.

Okay, I guess that wasn't very interesting. How about:

These two pawns walk into a shop...

No? Okay, I like prawnshops better. Mmmm. Prawns.

I only went into a pawnshop once. But then I can't get into Strayz properly anymore...the edit posts interface says "no posts found"....I probably deserve to be suspended for inactivity but it was a rude awakening.

There is no pawn shop in my town.
But I do take note of where pawnshops locate. ONe of the surest signs that the hype of some mecca of commerce is not telling the true story of what economic opportunities are real is the distribution of pawnshops. Orlando FL, which I expected to be awash in tourist bucks and retiree pension money, has miles of seedy neighborhoods for the chamber maids to live in and tons of pawnshops where their boyfriends can hawk their power tools and guitars.

my pawn purchase? I bought a very serviceable bike for $30 and left my pukey little rentacar at the motel for the duration of my consulting there. I left the bike behind but actually saved a bundle and got to see Orlando up close and personal. Once in Orlando is more than enough and I don't think I ever want to go to Disney world 'cause now I know what makes it tick.

I haven't been to a pawn shop nor am I having trouble with seeing posts on Strayz. Do you have an old blogger account or a new blogger account? I've got a new one.

I've got plenty of pawn shops around my new home in Chicago, though. Any reason you ask?

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