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Thursday, January 25, 2007 

To upgrade or not to upgrade

Yo! Team!
This blog is lagging in ways beside the regularity of posting: Its and "old blogger" blog in a world of declining support and increasing buggyness. I was loath to switch my blogs but it got so that the "publish" buttons were not doing anything. Not that new blogger is perfect, mind you. The conversion will mess with our settings, e.g. RSS feed will default to "FULL" even if we had set none or short. But sooner or later we gotta make the leap. A cursory check of ET showed me that newest posts, stuck in the server under old blogger did show up and oldest posts back to the dawn of blogging [my personal dawn that is] had all come over in tact.

What say you?
Entry By GreenSmile

Ugh... I've been dreading the switch to New Blogger. Every time they do one of these overhauls, I end up frustrated with something or other.

I've got a couple of posts I need to bang out on my own blog, so give me a couple of days, at least. Because if you switch this one, I'll have to change the other one, too. (Nice how they worked that out for us.)

I haven't run into any problems.

I've updated my own blog, and I could destroy this blog anytime I wish.

But I guess I can see updating this one, but not your other one might cause problems. It doesn't take much time at all.

DREADING the switch? Try terrified -- I've got over 1700 posts, an average of one a day starting all the way back in November of 2002, in my own blog. Losing that to a switchover would quite literally be like losing five years of my life.

I'll take it...if someone can assure me there are NO horror stories out there about blogs lost to the switch. NONE. I care not for rss oddness. I want to know no one has lost their archives.

Evidence, anyone?

Hi. . .paranoid people.

I'm sure if people started losing blogs to the switchover, we would have heard plenty about it. Blogger and Google are big enough to get that kind of attention.

OK, computer -- go for it.

I switched over, and the only frustration I ended up with was that the blogger navbar is now stuck to the top of my blog. m suggestions welcome -- I've handwritten my template, so can't just reinstate to get back to where I can make it go away. and it's not in the template code.


I aint upgrading

1 - Shaw, I don't see you with another blogger blog. Remember, any of us could initiate the upgrade, like any of us can kill strayz.

2 - OK. One article with a few complaints, published on Dec 22, 2006, nearly a month ago. Enough to hold us back?

3 - Doesn't it matter, in the long run? Do we really have enough activity to get worked up about it?

so three weeks into new blogger, I don't see any major breakage and only one area of pigheadedness: depending on how you set the "permission" for outside commenters, they get more harrassment about logging in or using a Gmail identity. I am all gmail all the time no matter who I am but some people got issues with an ad agency in their fxxxing in-box and just won't have gmail. That is the only downside I see: not greeting all our guests , great throng that they are, with our customary hospitality.

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