Friday, September 28, 2007 

Are Our Lives Our Careers

The other night, I met a friend for a coffee. I'm a administrative/sales assistant and customer service rep at an insurance agency by day and writing is my main career. She's an event marketer with some ad design assignments by day and singer-songwriter is her main career. We met on the job as event marketers for this one company before we left it for various reasons.

For a first half hour or so, we spent most of our time talking about our day jobs, what we do and some of our accomplishments. We moved onto talking about our old supervisor who we both worked under at the job where we met. Afterword, we discussed our main careers, which then diverged off into talking about our educations, financial issues and histories, a little bit about what happened after we got out of college (a lot about my history between school and start my day job in isnurance) and as the night wound down, we started talking about the industry trends an forecasts for our particular main careers along with an ending tangent on how we think educational systems in our society should work, how education shapes people and how the lack of interest in reading really works against my main career.

All very interesting, but my main point of issue is how it took us something like half an hour to forty five minutes of talking about our day jobs and the awkwardness at times of try to connect again. Our jobs aren't don't really cross that much, industry-wise and there would really have to be a lot of educating each other about our respective jobs if we wanted to have extensive conversations about both our jobs. Possibly the most annoyingly tragic part, though, is that these day jobs consume so much of our time, attention and energy that we have to play catch up day job-wise before we can even broach the discussions that interest us, which includes our main careers.

We would probably have a very different conversation if we saw each other on a more regular basis or e-mailed more often. Last time we met up was probably about a month ago, and we've been so busy with our day jobs and main careers that e-mailing and blogging has become more of a luxury than something that can become a daily routine. At least, that's how it is for me.

Things have to be this way for the both of us since we haven't gotten unqualified success in our careers (at least she's gigging -- I haven't even presented a written article or story except to writing workshops). I just get so frustrated how much the day job can become a barrier from both career success and the ease of entering deeper and more interesting conversation with some element of comfortable grace.

I can't wait for getting my career going. . ..

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Monday, September 24, 2007 

Shaw's Playing It Simple and One-on-One

So. . .um. . .yeah. . .Shaw's put the smack down on being the center of the hub. He's his own man. Did everyone know Shaw's the Man?

If you contradict me about Shaw, you'll have to go through me first.

Shaw's the Man.


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